Why I am not making a single “resolution” this year

It is that neutral time of year again.   That week or so between Christmas and New Years.

The overindulgence of the Christmas meals – the spending – the time spent with relatives – and extended family – it is all winding down now.  It is time to reflect on the past year – what has been weighing us down – and what we can let go of to create space for new dreams and aspirations in the new year.

During this time of neutrality – I notice that I tend to invariably find myself in a negative place of judgement against myself.   What is it that makes me feel I need to give something up—sweets or soda (usually food related)?   My natural tendance is to focus more on what I have been doing wrong and that ultimately implies that I am not enough.

Well – I am kind of over those old – “self punishing” resolutions.

Since going through the journey of becoming a yoga teacher – I am finding more and more that if I am going to teach others the way to self acceptance – and love through yoga – I have got to stop focusing on what is wrong with me all the time.  Not to say that I have no accountability or morals – but I have to start treating myself with care, compassion and love – the way that I would a dear friend.  I wouldn’t yell at a dear friend and call them names – would I?  So why do I do it to myself?

This year I would like to try to do things a little different.

The first thing is to make internal vows to myself  –  promises to myself.  I don’t need to go down a long list of resolutions to be this – do that – give that up – etc – I just need to write down some things that I promise myself to do.  Over the years I have learned that When you keep a promise to yourself, it’s sacred.

Next – Instead of focusing on what “I want” – I will focus on what “I am”  (even if I am not there yet!)  Example:  I want to be a wonderful yoga teacher……No – I am a wonderful yoga teacher.  I feel that the word “want” signals lack …..and if the mind is focused on lack – you cannot recieve.

Following “becoming” – is “aligning”.   When I say “aligining” – I am talking about aligning myself with my higher purpose.   I need to truly ask myself….”What is my highest potential – and how can I serve it?”  In my times of quiet and meditation – I need to learn to listen to that small steady voice.  That voice is usually my true purpose.  My entire life I have tried to quell this voice – or distract this voice.  But when I truly open my heart and allow myself to hear this small voice – I am able to align myself to my higher purpose.   Honestly – this usually comes about my taking the next right action in life.  Putting one foot in front of the other and trusting the process.  Those day to day mundane tasks….putting myself aside and doing things for others.  This is when that voice speaks to me the loudest.

Lastly – I need to practice letting go.  We cannot recieve until we let go.   That doesn’t mean that we don’t have desires, goals and dreams. Rather, it means we have a clear view of what the spirit is calling for and faith in the abundance of the Universe.   That is how I got to be a yoga teacher in the first place!  I put it out to the Universe – and then I let it go.   Believe me….it wasn’t the path I thought it would be – in many many regards – but – the end result was the goal – or the promise.  The goal was achieved by trusting the process.

So – instead of writing a list about the weight I think I need to lose (believe me – no matter how fit I am – there is always a mean little voice telling me that I am not enough) – or the workouts I need to do…..or the foods I need to give up……..I am going to try something different this year.

Happy New Year to all!!


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